GK For All Competitive Exam (Top 20 Master Static GK in 2020 )

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Top 20 Master Static GK 

GK for all competitive exams

Here we provides Top most important 20 Static GK (General Knowledge) for Assam Police/APSC/UPSC/IBPS/SSC/Banks Jobs/Defence Jobs etc.

1. What is the validity of a cheque ? 
Ans: 3 months

2. Which gas is filled in gas balloon ?
Ans:  Helium

3. How many hotspots are there in India ?
Ans: 4

4. Delhi was made the capital of India in which year ?
Ans:  1931

5. In which year Gandhiji visited Assam ?
Ans: 1921

6. What is the name the first satellite of India ?
Ans: Aryabhatta

7. What is the name of the parliament of Japan ?
Ans:  Diet

8. What is the National Anthem of Bangladesh ? 
Ans: Amar Sonar Bangla

9. What is the official language of Nagaland ?
Ans: English
10. The famous Mona Lisa painting is kept in which museum ?
Ans: Loure Museum

11. How many islands are there in Bay of Bengal ?
Ans:  204

12. Most intelligent mammal on earth is-
Ans: Dolphin

13. How many Ramsar sites are there in Assam ?
Ans:  1 (Deepor Bill)

14. When Rhino day is celebrated ?
Ans: 22nd Sept

15. Which Indian state is the highest producer of milk ?
Ans: Haryana

16. Which Indian state is the highest producer of candamom ?
Ans: Kerala

17. Which state in India has the largest forest cover ?
Ans:  M.P

18. What is the capital of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) ?
Ans: Muzafarabad

19. Which Indian state has the longest coastline ?
Ans: Gujarat

20. Who is the new sports ambassador of Assam ?
Ans: Hima Das

                                                                                            Collected by- Mr. Abhijit Das
                                                                                            Dispur College, Assam

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