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General Knowledge 2020 pdf / General Knowledge 2020

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Modern History Important Events
Master G.K
Here we provide top and best General knowledge for all competitive exam like Assam Police/APSC/UPSC/IBPS/SSC/Banks Jobs/Defence Jobs etc. Here you also can download General Knowledge 2020 pdf copy .We provide the link.

Indian national Congress (INC) formed.
Founder- A.O.Hume/ Dadabhai Nehruji
Place- Bombat
Motto- Freedom

INC meetings.
-1885 by W.C Banerjee at Bombay
-1886 by Dadabhai Nehruji at Calcutta
-1887 by Badaruddin at Madras
1888 by George Yule at Allahabad

Bengal Partition
Viceroy- Lord Curzon
Bengal was divided into 
1) West Bengal- Calcutta
2) East Bengal- Dacca (Modern Dhaka)

All India Muslim League formed
Founder- Aga Khan

Surat Session
Congress was divided into 2 parts
1) Modernist- Leader- Gopal Krishna Gokhale
2) Extremists- Leader- Lal, Bal, Pal

Morley Minto Reform
Established separate electorates for Hindu and Muslim 
Delhi Darbar
Under Lord Harding
Jana Gana Mana was first sung in Delhi Darbar, Bombay
Mahatma Gandhi came to India from Africa

Champaran movement
First Movement by Mahatma Gandhi
Reason- Indigo Plantation

Ahmedabad mill Strike/ Kheda Movement

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Non Cooperation Movement/ Khilafat Movement
Founder- Maulana Md Ali
Treaty s
igned- Severse Treaty
Chaura Chauri case
Non Cooperation movement withdrawn
23 police personal died

Swaraj Party formed
Founder- Motilal Nehru/ CR Das

Hindustan Republican Association HRA formed
Founder- Ram prasad Bismil
Real Founder- Chandra Sekhar Azad
Collected by Mr. Abhijit Das
Dispur College, Assam

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