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GK for class 8:

We don’t think that we have to tell you what stands for GK. And we also have to clarify one point GK is not only for the students for education. As human beings, as much as we can, we have to always know the knowledge in every field like our environment, social activity, news, entertainment, sports, cultural activity, etc.

gk for class 8 with answers
fig: we are going to discuss the topmost and best important Gk for class 8 with answers as miscellaneous. GK for class 8 pdf also available. What is the full form of

Hey, reader welcomes to this another article which is related to students’ standards like class 8. There is in the Google online or offline mode in Books lots of GK is present for easy reading. We also above mentioned a point that General knowledge means that there is no limit and we cannot be categorized as much as we can. But we can categorize some of them as sports gk, entertainment gk, social gk, maths gk, computer gk, etc.

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Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the topmost and best important Gk for class 8 standards students as miscellaneous. Here you will get social science-related questions gk for class with answers. We the team already published lots of gk, current affairs, quizzes, etc on different topics. You can visit for more GK but here in this blog, you are going to get gk for class 8 with answers. Read the article till the end. And at the end, you will also get a free GK pdf link to download.

GK for Class 8 with Answers:

Here, first of all, you will be going to read some gk questions for class 8 standard students in computer subject-

Q.1: Who is the father of computers?
Ans: Charles Babbage

Q. 2: What is the name of the first programming language?


Q. 3:  Write the full form of RAM and ROM in the computer?
Ans: RAM stands for Random Access Memory and ROM stands for Read-Only Memory.

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Q. 4: What is the full form of CPU written in one line?
Ans: Central Processing Unit is the full form of CPU.

Q. 5: What is the full form of UPS?
Ans: UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Q. 6:  Pinter is an input or output device?
Ans: The printer is an output device.

Q. 7: What is the full form of HTML or What is stands for HTML?
Ans: We all know that the full form of  HTML is Hypertext Markup Language.

Q. 8: What is the full form of DBMS?
Ans: The full for DBMS is Database Management System

Q. 9: Where all the computer or mobile data are stored?
Ans: Hardisk/ Hard drive? Secondary Storage.

Q. 10: Write 04 web browser name?
Ans: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera.

Q. 11: What is the full form of HTTP or HTTPS?
Ans: The full form of the HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol and HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

Q. 12: What is the full form of DNS?
Ans: The full form of DNS is Domain Name Server.

Q. 13: What is the full form of API?
Ans: The full form API is the Application Programming Interface.

GK for Class 8 with answers:

Now you the reader if you read above-mentioned gk for class 8 in computer subject then we think you get some idea or basic gk questions on the computer. Now here in this section, you will get the gk for class 8 with answers in social science-related. So read this paragraph very carefully. 

Q. 1: Which Scottish economist and political philosopher divided Indian history into three periods?
Ans: James Mill

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Q. 2: In the year 1498, which Portuguese explorer discovered a sea route to India?
Ans: Vasco da Gama 

Q. 3:  In the Indian Constituent Assembly, Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee?
Ans: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Q. 4: Which country has an unwritten constitution?
Ans: England

Q. 5: Who was the first Governor-General of British India?
Ans: Warren Hastings

Q. 6: Columbus discovered America in-
Ans: 1492

Q. 7: Who was India’s first prose writer?
Ans: Bhattadeva

Q. 8: Which continent ranks first in terms of population?
Ans: Asia

Q. 9: Which is the longest-Running National highway in India?
Ans: No. 7 (This time 44 no.)

Q. 10: The Indian Constitution came into force from-
Ans: 26th January 1950

Q. 11: When was the British East India Company established?
Ans: 1599

Q. 12: The Oldest map was found in-
Ans: Mesopotamia (Now known as Irak)

Q. 13: The Battle of Plassey was fought in the year-
Ans: 1757

Q. 14: In which continent, people do not live indefinitely in the way they do in the rest of the world?
Ans: Antarctica

Q. 15: India’s first passenger train was flagged on-
Ans: 16 April 1853

Q. 16: The constitution of India recognizes the right to water as being a part of the right to life & personal liberty under-
Ans: Article 21

Q. 17: Under which fundamental right, prohibition of child labor is included-
Ans: Right against exploitation

Q. 18: How many Fundamental Duties are there altogether in the Indian Constitution?
Ans: 10 (Ten)

Q. 19: The Fundamental Rights are classified into-
Ans: 6 (six) categories

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Q. 20: Who was the chairman of the constituent assembly?
Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q. 21: The Lok Sabha is usually elected once-
Ans: Every five years (05 years)

Q. 22: Whom do we know as the leader of the ruling party in the Lok Sabha?
Ans: Prime Minister of India

Q. 23: The present form of the Indian National Flag was adopted in the meeting of the Constituent Assembly on-
Ans: 22nd July 1947

Q. 24: How many tiers of government is there in India?
Ans: 2 (two)

Q. 25: Dowry deaths are a violation of-
Ans: Civil law

Q. 26: Which is the percentage of area under cropland in India?
Ans: 57 (fifty-seven)

Q. 27: Which resources have limited stock?

Ans: Non-renewable resources

Q. 28: Which exponent of the Bhakti movement in the medieval period composed the hymns called DOHA?
Ans: Kabir

Q. 29: Which governor-general introduced the permanent settlement system in India?
Ans: Lord Cornwallis

Q. 30: Who established the Ramakrishna Mission?
Ans: Swami Vivekananda.

Q. 31: Which is the best form of resource?
Ans: Human resource.

Q. 32: In our Universe, which planet is known (or called) a blue planet?
Ans: Earth

Q. 33: In which year was The Right to Education enacted in India?
Ans: 2009

Q. 34: What is the name of the Central Bank of India?
Ans: Reserve Bank of India

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Q. 35: The Constitution of India has divided the power and functions of the country into-
Ans: 3 (three) organs

Q. 36: How many factors of production are there?
Ans: 4 (four)

Q. 37: Energy resources can be divided into-
Ans: 2 (two) types

Q. 38: In which year on 26th December, did Sunami cause great destruction to the Eastern Central region of India?
Ans: 2004

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Q. 39: How many types of production are there?
Ans: 3 (three)

Conclusion GK for class 8 with answers:

CLICK HERE to download the PDF file for GK for class 8 with answers. We hope that this gk for class 8 article will help you in your education and day to life. We also hope after reading this article with all gk for class 8 with answers you got some idea about this gk. Take your paper and pen and write practice until you remind. Share with someone who will be needed if you think it is valuable. Thank you

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