Assam Police SI Exam Paper Overview 20-09-2020 @Sub-Inspector

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Assam Police SI Exam Paper Overview 2020

1) Present governor or RBI

2) Birth place of Guru nanak 

3) Greenland Under

4) How many children born between 2019-2020 in India 

5) Ashoka belong to which Dynasty

6) Who created Borphukan

7) How many union territory Are there in India 

8) Khelo India youth game age limit 

9) Which of the following is not a union territory 

10) first vice chancellor of G. U 

11) Rukhmini belong from

12) Jataka tales belong to 

13) present Army chief

14) How many chess grand master are in India 

15) what is mixed economy

16) Andhra Pradesh OCTOPUS related to 

17) Rotang pass renamed as

18) How many seat reserve for Sc/ St in Rajva Sabhai 
19) Which temple is known as Seven Hill 

20) Fourth Pillar or Qutub minar buit by 

21) Lord krishna attack to which King of Assam 

22) Treaty of Majuly was sattleld between 

23) total number of Judge in Supreme Court 

24) Article 19 related to

25) Preamble of Indian constitution modified under which amendments

26) Which king of Assam built hospital for bird and Animal 

27) Nine des line is in

28) Which state share maximum number of boundaries with other state

29) work for food program renamed as

30) Who designed the logo of Assam Sahitya Sabha
32) Who created the post of borphukan?
33) Which book was written by Sankardev at Night?
34) Who wrote Iyaruyingam?
35) The royal house of Tripura is known as?
36) Which Nagaland person is associated with the Mahabharata?
37) Shri Krishna killed which king of Danava dynasty?*

Overviewed by Candidate
Mr. Abhijit Das

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