Top 15 Current Affairs in August @for Assam Police/APSC/UPSC/IBPS/SSC/Banks Jobs/Defence Jobs etc

Top 15 current affairs in August month


1. Who is appointed as new Prime Minister of Lebanon?

Ans: Mustapha Adib

2. Who is appointed as the newElection Commissioner?

Ans: Rajiv Kumar

3. BJP will celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on September 17th as- 

Ans: Seva Saptah


4. Who won the 2020 Tour de France cycling event?

Ans: Alexander kristoff


5. W H O declared which country as polio free-

Ans: Africa


6. The gold plated spectacles of Mahatma Gandhi were sold at An auction in United Kingdom at an amount of-

Ans: Rs. 2.55 crore


7. India will conduct a Lunar Mission in 2024 with which country?

Ans: Japan


8. Madhya Pradesh Government has awarded the Eklavyaaward to whom?

Ans: Ishika Chaudhary


9. A person from India won the title of World’s Fastest Human Calculator his name is-

Ans: Neelakanta Bhanu


10. Which place in Assamese recently declared as a District?

Ans: Balaji


11. What is the total number of districts in Assam?

Ans: 34


12. Indian Army has gifted ventilators to- 

Ans: Nepali Army


13. Who is the newLieutenant Governor of Jammu?

Ans: Manoj Sinha


14. A book titled“Connecting, Communicating, Changing” is written by- 

Ans: Rajnath Singh


15. Which neighboring country of India declared an environmental emergency after a Japanese shipUUN Aground Spilling Tons of Oil?

Ans: Mauritius


Collected by Mr. Abhijit Das 


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