Important GK questions of 2021| for all competitive Exams

Important GK questions of 2021| for all competitive Exam

Top  25 most important GK Questions (General -Knowledge) for all competitive Exams in India. It is based on SSC/ UPSC/ APSC/PCS/Railway etc Exam pattern –

Important GK questions of 2021 for all competitive Exams –

1. SQL in Computer Science stands for ……..?

Ans: Structured Query Language.

2. The Major Component in CNG is ……..?

Ans: Methane.


3. The State which stands first in software exports from India?

Ans: Karnataka.


4. Panchayats were given constitutional status by the ………….. amendment to the Constitution?

Ans: 73rd Amendment.


5. Who was the first Indian Soldier to refuse to use the greased cartridge?

Ans: Mangal Pandey.


6. Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to ………..?

Ans: India.


7. Who is the first Indian to have won a Gold Medal?

Ans: Abhinav Bindra.


 8. The world`s most important renewable energy resource is ……….?

Ans: Solar radiation.


9. Which energy comes from Sun?

Ans: Wind energy.


10. To whom did India beat to lift the ONGC Nehru Cup, 2009?

Ans: Syria.


11. Earth is Protected from ultra-violet radiation by means of …………?

Ans: Ozone layer.


12. The principle of population was propounded by ………….?

Ans: Thomas Robert Malthus.


13. Who spoke in Hindi for the first time in the UNP general Assembly?

Ans: Atal Bihari Vajpayee.


14. The largest number of cotton weaving mills are located in ……..?

Ans: Tamil Nadu.


15. What was the name accorded to the Military Operation in Kargil in 1999?

Ans: Operation Vijay.


16. What is the date of Army Day Celebrating in India?

Ans: January 15th.


17. Which mission of NASA brought the first human to the moon?

Ans: Apollo 11


18. Name the first Spacecraft to visit the Solar System?

Ans: Voyager 1


19. Which country won the 2016 Hockey World Cup?

Ans: France.


20. Which place is known as the roof of the world?

Ans: Tibet.


21. Which is the densest jungle in the world?

Ans: The Amazon rainforest.


22. Which country is called the land of the rising sun?

Ans: Japan.


23. Who is the inventor of electricity?

Ans: Benjamin Franklin.


24. Which is the largest ocean in the world?

Ans: Pacific Ocean.


25. Who won the first Olympic medal in wrestling for India?   

Ans: Khashaba Jadhav.


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