Important articles of Indian constitution for Competitive Exam- 370 questions

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Important articles of Indian constitution for Competitive Exam

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Important articles of Indian constitution for Competitive Exam-


Here we provide top and best Important Articles for Competitive Exam-List of Important articles of the Indian constitution like Assam Police/APSC/UPSC/IBPS/SSC/Banks Jobs/Defence Jobs etc. Here you can also download Important Articles for Competitive Exam-List of Important articles of Indian constitution pdf copy. We provide the link below.
Article 1: Name and Territory of union
Article 3: Formation of a new state and alteration of its boundary
Article 12-35 (Fundamental rights)
Article 12: Definition of a state
Article 13: Laws relating to fundamental rights
Article 14: Equality earlier than regulation and equal safety of law
Article 15: Prohibition of discrimination against certain grounds
Article 16: Equality of opportunity in public employment
Article 17: Abolition of untouchability
Article 18: Abolition of titles except that of Academics and military
Article 19: It guarantees all the citizens the fundamental rights
Article 20: Gives safety in respect of conviction for offenses
Article 21: Protection of life and personal liberty
Article 21AFree and compulsory education to children
Article 22: Protection against arrest and detention
Article 23: Prohibition of human trafficking and forced labour
Article 24: Abolition of child labor
Article 26: Freedom to manage religious affairs
Article 27: No person shall be compelled to pay any tax for the promotion of religion
Article 28: Right to attend religious worship in Educational Institutes
Article 29: Protection of interest of minorities
Article 30: Rights of minorities in Educational Institutes
Article 32: Right to constitutional remedies
Article 33: Rights of Parliament to change the fundamental rights of members of armed forces paramilitary and police
Article 34: Restriction on rights while Martial Law
Article 36-51 (DPSP)
Article 44: Uniform Civil Code
Article 50: Separation of Executive and judiciary
Article 51: Promotion of international peace and security
Article 51A: Fundamental duties
Article 52-62 (President)
Article 52: President of India
Article 53: Power of union
Article 54: Election of the president
Article 55: Election procedure of the president
Article 56: Office of the President
Article 57: Reelection of president
Article 58: Qualifications of a President
Article 59: Condition of president office
Article 60: Oath of the president
Article 61: Impeachment of the president
Article 62: Time limit to fill the vacancy of president
Article 72: Pardoning power of the president
Article 76: Attorney General of India
Article 78: Duties of prime minister
Article 85: Session of Parliament
Article 93: Speaker and deputy speaker of Lok Sabha
Article 100: Voting in the houses
Article 105: Powers privileges of Parliament members
Article 106: Salaries of Parliament members
Article 108: Joint sitting of the two houses
Article 109-110 : Money bill
Article 112: Budget
Article 117: Finance bill
Article 123: President power to promulgate an ordinance
Article 127: Appointment of Ad Hoc judges of the supreme court
Article 139: Supreme Court power to issue writs
Article 141: Supreme courts law binding of all courts 
Article 148-149: Comptroller and Auditor General
Article 155: Appointment of the governor
Article 161: Pardoning power of the governor
Article 165: Advocate general for the state
Article 167: Duties of chief minister
Article 224: Appointment of additional and acting judges of High Court
Article 224A: Appointment of retired judges in High Court
Article 226: High court’s power to issue writs
Article 280: Finance commission
Article 312: All India services
Article 324: Election Commission
Article 335: Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe claim to service and employment
Article 352: National emergency
Article 356: State emergency or president’s rule
Article 360: Financial emergency
Article 368: Power of Parliament to amend the constitution
Article 370: Temporary provisions with respect to Jammu and Kashmir
Collected by Mr. Abhijit Das
Dispur College, Assam
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