25 Most Important GK Questions with Answers of Assam History | Competitive Exam

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25 Most Important GK Questions with Answers of Assam History | Competitive Exam

25 Most Important GK Questions with Answers (General – Knowledge)  of Assam History for all upcoming competitive Exam-

1. Which Year Assam was completely annexed into the British empire?

Ans – 1938

2. Which century was Muslim first came to Assam?

Ans – 13th Century.

3. The Bodoland Territorial Council was established in?

Ans – 2003.

4. Who is the Founder of Assam?

Ans – Chaolung Sukapha.

5. Who was the first Assamese to get “the Arjuna Award”?

Ans – Bhogeswar Baruah.

6. The First non-government college of Assam?

Ans – J. B. College, Jorhat.

7. Who is also known as “ The Lion Man” of Assam?

Ans – Radha Govinda Baruah.

8. Which city is also known as “The Culture Capital of Assam”?

Ans – Jorhat

9. Which Ahom king built the Navagraha Temple?

Ans – Ahom king Rajeswar Singha.

10. Who was the first Freedom Fighter of Assam?

Ans – Kushal Konwar.

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11. Moamoria rebellion continues for how many years?

Ans – for 36 years.

12. Who Ahom King conducted the First population Census?

Ans – Suhungmung.

13. What was the Capital of the Kachari Kingdom?

Ans – Dimapur.

14. How many times the Ahom defeated the Mughals?

Ans – 17 times.

15. Who had designed the paik system in the Ahom Kingdom?

Ans – Momai Tamuli Borbarua.

16. Which is the tallest Temple in Assam?

Ans – Siba Temple in Sivasagar.

17. Mula Gabhoru was the wife of?

Ans – Phrasengmung.

18. How many years Ahom Kingdom ruled in Assam?

Ans – 600 Years.

19. Who had Discovered Tea Plants in Assam?

Ans – Robert Bruce (In the Year 1823)

20. Who lead the first revolt against the British in Assam?

Ans – Gumdhar Kowar.

21. Who was the first Assamese Governor of an Indian State?

Ans – Bishnuram Medhi.

22. Who was the first Europeans came to India?

Ans – Portuguese.

23. The first Book Fair in Assam was held at ………. District?

Ans – Nagaon District.

24. Luit Konwar of Assam is?

Ans – Rudra Baruah.

25. Who is the first speaker of the Assam Assembly?

Ans – Babu Basanta kumar Das.

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